Berg Safari BFR Pedal Car Go Kart

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Berg Safari BFR Off-Road Kids Pedal Car Go Kart 5+ Years

You always fancied going on safari? This pedal kart will take you anywhere you want to go! Thanks to the impressively large off-road tires you can access the roughest of terrains. Combined with the swing axle, the additional grip is guaranteed. This kart is equipped with a unique BFR system for easy riding and stopping to spot wild animals on your trips! Thanks to the camouflage colors you can hide anywhere! Have they spotted you? No need to panic, you can take off in a flash!


Equipped with the unique BFR Hub, this hub allows the rider to pedal forward, coast with the pedals remaining static, pedal back slightly to engage the coaster brake or use the hand brake to stop, once stopped pedal backward to go in reverse.
Recommended for ages 5 and up.
15-inch pneumatic, air-filled tires, with off-road tread and strong five-spoke rim.
Adjustable seat can be set in 6 different positions
Equipped with a swing axle, so that the rider keeps control of the kart while going over an uneven terrain.
The wheels run fast and smooth due to the roll-bearing wheels. You can drive for hours without getting tired.
Parking brake for additional safety.
Accessories: passenger seat, trailer, and so much more!


Product Length 63in.
Product Width 33in.
Product Height 34in.
Product Weight 100lbs.