Brand 44 Slackers Voodoo Gold 82' Trickline Slackline w Trampoline Style Webbing

Type: Slackline

Brand 44 Slackers Voodoo 82' Gold Trickline Slackline Set
Conquer the signature Double Butt Flip just like Damon Hill himself with Voodoo Slackline's 82' Gold Trickline Kit. All you need is ambition and dedication and the fun will follow. Luscious, golden curls not required.

Damon Hill

Hey, Damon here. I discovered Slacklining over two years ago and realized my gymnastics background could greatly enhance my ability to take part in the growing sport of tricklining.

I witnessed my first slackline competition in Simpsonville, South Carolina in 2013, met some of the best athletes in the world and decided right then and there that this is what I wanted to do. I moved to Boulder, Colorado to become a pro! My favorite trick is the Double Butt Flip.

The Voodoo Gold Slackline is modeled after my background and my golden blonde hair. Gotta represent the golden curls on my head!


82' Trickline w/trampoline style webbing
1 large ratchet
Carrying bag