Bruder Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon Fire Department Car with Fireman

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Bruder Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon Fire Department Car with Fireman

The fire service vehicle is required to coordinate fire service deployments and in the event of minor emergencies. Thanks to its durability and off-road capability, the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon forms the ideal basis for this purpose. The responsible manager coordinates efforts to save lives and fight fires from the command vehicle and even contributes to rescue efforts. Just like the original, the BRUDER model features off-road axle suspension. The Ackermann steering geometry including a drag link extension through the vehicle's roof enable imitations of incident scenarios. Doors, bonnet and boot open to enable quick loading. The fire service figure can be equipped with enclosed accessories, such as fire extinguishers and radio. The incident light module including siren on the roof clears the way to the scene of the incident. In addition to three different siren sounds, the module can also output the vehicle's engine sound. That's how realistic fire service efforts can be recreated in children's bedrooms - just like the real thing!


Drivers Cab:

doors can be opened

automotive body:

all doors of the structure can be opened
spare wheel fixed on the tailgate
tailgate can be opened
engine bonnet can be opened
detachable backseat


Fire fighter in uniform featuring helmet, gloves, radio device and fire extinguisher

spring-loaded front and rear axles with 4 steel strings
incl. removable drawbar coupling
inkl. Accessories: Light and Sound Module (universal), Art.-Nr. 02802:

auto switch-off function after approx. 20 seconds
the respective function is immediately switched off by pressing the button repeatedly


Recommended age: suitable from 4 years upwards for playing indoors and outdoors
manufactured from high-quality plastics such as ABS
Made in Germany
Scale 1:16