Bruder Toys RAM 2500 Power Wagon with Trailer Personal Water Craft & Driver

Type: Power Wagon
SKU: 02503

Bruder Toys RAM 2500 Power Wagon with Trailer Personal Water Craft & Driver

To many, holidays at the seaside are still a synonym for relaxation. Sun, sea and sandy beaches are a guarantee for a nice holiday. Watercraft is a common feature on many beaches. They are hired out to holidaymakers as well as used by coast guards. Bruder has now added the summertime combination of RAM and personal watercraft to the range. The RAM has no problem with pulling the loaded trailer to the water. Its durability and off-road capabilities are legendary and unique to this day. All doors open to accommodate four bworld figures. This model at a scale of 1:16 features suspension on both axles to provide outstanding ride comfort. In this context, the front axle can be steered using the included steering wheel extension. The new Bruder personal watercraft features an unsinkable design to prevent any form of capsizing. For safety reasons, riders have been equipped with a life vest. The watercraft accommodates two bworld figures. Use the modern trailer design to transport the watercraft. It features a fold-down ramp and outriggers at the front as well as the rear. The water craft is secured using transport brackets.



Cab windows made from transparent, high-quality plastic

Clear-glass headlights

Four doors on the left and right as well as an opening tailgate

Vehicle design:

Space for 4 b world figures

Standard attachment for Bruder accessories on the bumper (e.g. cable winch)

Sliding roof to introduce the steering wheel extension

Transport bracket for watercraft


Spring-loaded front (steered) axle and rear axle

Detachable rear coupling

New wheels in contemporary SUV design


Trailer with contemporary design and folding tailgate supports at the front and rear as well as two transport brackets that can be attached to the platform

Watercraft with swimming hull (unsinkable) providing space for 2 world figures

The rider with the life vest

Mount at rear for the electrically powered auxiliary motor

General information:

Recommended age: suitable from 4 years for playing indoors and outdoors

Manufactured from high-quality plastics, such as ABS

Compatible with figure

Scale 1:16