Bruder Volvo A60H Hauler Toy Truck Kids Play

Type: Truck
SKU: 02455

Bruder Volvo A60H Hauler Toy Truck
Haulers are true workhorses! Be it to efficiently transport bulk goods as part of earthmoving, asphalt as part of road construction, overburden in quarries and gravel pits, this tipper can rely on its strengths. As one of the most powerful tippers the Volvo A60H has now been added to the Bruder themed world of construction equipment. Just like the real thing, the model guarantees exemplary off-road capabilities thanks to its solid articulated steering in conjunction with massive balloon tires. One bworld figure can take a seat through the roof hatch of the extremely modern cab. Young hauler driv ers can load and unload the genuine, enormous tipping trough.



Cab made from transparent, high-quality plastic
Off-road capable articulated steering
Fully functional tipping trough
Roof hatch for the toy figure
Balloon Tires

General information:

Recommended age: suitable from 3 years for playing indoors and outdoors
Manufactured from high-quality plastics, such as ABS
Compatible with figure
Scale 1:16