Hexbug Robotic Soccer Arena

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Hexbug Robotic Soccer Arena

You're about to enter an epic soccer venue, with a twist! You control the robotic athletes! Modeled after a real-life soccer stadium comes the HEXBUG Robotic Soccer Arena.

The HEXBUG Robotic Soccer Arena features a realistic fold-out game board, two authentic goal posts, as well as snap-together walls to help in keeping your game contained. Also included are two individual remote controlled HEXBUG Robotic Soccer Singles with assorted decals, so you can customize your player! Shoot, score, and the crowd goes wild! All the fun of soccer is now miniaturized, and in your hands!


Includes 2 remote controlled Robotic Soccer Singles
Includes 6 different interchangeable tops
Includes 3 sticker sheets
Includes 2 soccer balls
Fold-out game board
Ages 8 years and up
Batteries included