Maclaren Baby Globetrotter Lightweight Reclining Single Stroller

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Maclaren Baby Globetrotter Lightweight Reclining Single Stroller
Super Lightweight Reclining Stroller
A great choice for parents who are looking for a lightweight, compact stroller but want the added comfort of a reclining seat. The Globetrotter's seat is padded with breathable mesh side inserts, includes a multi-position recline and is easily removable and machine-washable.

Key Features:

Storage Pocket (slit)

Easy access storage, right on the back of the hood

Cushioned Foam Grip Handles

MacLaren's ergonomically positioned handles nicely dampen vibrations for a smooth grip. Also sold separately as a self-service part for Volo, Globetrotter, Triumph, Quest and Twin Triumph buggies.

Multiple-position recline seat with mesh inserts

Designed so that your child can relax in a variety of positions while keeping cool on warmer days.

Recline Seat with Cushion

Extra padding on the seat is great for longer journeys.

Shock-Absorbing 4-Wheel Suspension

All Maclaren buggies have all-wheel suspension, designed to provide effortless steering qualities and a supersmooth ride.

Carry Strap

Facing a flight of stairs? Carrying from car to curb? Easily sling a lightweight, umbrella folds Maclaren buggy from your shoulder to get through tight spots. Also sold separately as a self-service part for Volo, Globetrotter, Triumph and Quest buggies

Oversized Shopping Basket

Large, easy-access storage below the seat. Also sold separately as a self-service replaceable part.

Removable and Machine-Washable Seats

Oh dear... have we spilled something? Fear not, every Maclaren seat can be easily removed and machine washed - an extremely useful trick not found on many other buggies... Machine wash in cold water on a delicate cycle and hang to dry. Also sold separately as a self-service part.

Self-Service Replaceable Parts

Maclaren buggies are built to last and last and last. But now they last even longer. High-wear parts like wheels are available for purchase on their own so a Maclaren buggy can cover even more miles.

Aerodynamic Frame

The modernized frame creates a more spacious seating area.

Streamlined Wheels

Single front wheels are more agile. The easy touch swivel lock keeps the ride stable over rough ground and withstands quick movements and sudden bumps in the road. The light hubless aerodynamic wheel design reduces rotational friction and stress for a smooth quiet ride.

Cable Link Brakes

The lighter, single foot-operated brake lever safely locks and unlocks both rear wheels.

Redesigned Hood

Vaulted hood yields more cabin space and better protection from the elements. Internal memory tensioner holds the desired hood position and easily collapses when the buggy is folded.

Higher Seat

The elevated seat increases legroom creates distance from the hot pavement and provides a better view.

Standard Features:

Global Safety Standard
One-Hand Compact Umbrella Fold
Lightweight Aircraft Grade Aluminium Chassis
Ergonomically Optimised Handles
Expandable Waterproof/UPF 50+ Hood and Built-In Sun Visor
Height Adjustable Shoulder Harness
Lockable Front Swivel Wheels
Foot-Operated Linked Parking Brakes
Oversized Shopping Basket
Self-Service Replaceable Parts Available


Suitable for: 6 Months & Up
Seat Position: Multiple
Basic Weight*: 11.02lb
Carrying Capacity: 55lb
Color: Black

What's In The Box?:

Premium Wind-Resistant Raincover