Mamas & Papas Urbo 2 Carrycot - Skyline Grey

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Mamas & Papas Urbo 2 Carrycot - Skyline Grey
The bassinet is designed to ensure your baby is comfortable in the lay flat position and keeps baby's spine in an ergonomic position which is important for a newborn baby's development.
With a specifically positioned center of gravity, this bassinet provides a snug environment for your snoozing baby, ensuring a smooth ride keeping baby undisturbed when on the move. The bassinet has ventilation to keep your baby cool and is suitable for occasional overnight sleeping.  
The carry handles make the bassinet easy to transport and comes complete with an apron.  
Refreshed design carrycot with lower hood
Carrycot is 55mm higher of the ground
Carry cot is externally 25% smaller
Carrycot has 10% more usage room inside


Dimensions: 15.4" W x 31.9" L x 8.7" D
Weight: 5.2kg/11.5lbs approx.