Mobo Mini Luxury Three Wheeled Cruiser Tricycle

by Mobo
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Mobo Mini Luxury Three Wheeled Cruiser Tricycle

Indulge your kids with the Mobo Mini - the World's Smallest Luxury Three Wheeled Cruiser. Suitable for ages 2-5, the Mobo Mini was conceptualized with an "eye on our children's future" mentality. From its innovative rear-wheel steering system to its ergonomic design, the Mobo Mini grows with your child and encompasses an abundance of splendid features. It prompts physical activity while aiding in developing hand-eye coordination and muscle strength. With quality you can trust, the Mobo Mini delivers a sturdy, adjustable frame, comfortable seat, chainless chassis, and never-flat rear tires coupled with fenders ensure parents peace of mind. While promoting healthy exercise, the Mobo Mini delivers a fun riding experience that will leave your kids saying "Wow, Wow, Wow!" Let your kids have a blast while riding the Mobo Mini today!


30 Months-5 Years Old
Tall : 30" - 42" 
Up to 100 lbs
Length : 30" / Extended : 34" 
Width : 20" 
Height : 18" 
Single Speed
Rear Wheel Steering
Hand Caliper Brake
Cushioned Seat
8" Above the Ground
Front : 12" 
Rear : 6.5" 
Inflatable (Front)/ Never Flat (Rear) Tires

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