Playmobil Novelmore Mobile Fortress

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Playmobil Novelmore Mobile Fortress

In Novelmore, the Knights of Novelmore and the Warriors of Burnham face off in the battle for the magical Invincibus armor. Dario DaVanci the most brilliant inventor of Novelmore has equipped the knights with a new secret weapon: the mobile catapult fortress. This special attack tower with side cannons and giant slingshot matches the taste of General Marcus McGriffin. As the leader of the Novelmore forces, General McGriffin is always on the lookout for new weapons and the ideal strategy that leads to victory in battle. At his side is the skilled mechanic Bolt Nutcliff, who always knows how to repair and maintain DaVanci's inventions. It will be difficult for the Burnham Warriors to stop these two knights. The game set contains Novelmore characters, General Marcus McGriffin and Bolt Nutcliff, as well as a mobile attack tower. The Catapult Fortress features two side cannons with four floors and a giant slingshot.

Armored chariot with double weapon: catapult and crossbow. Includes two knights, toolbox and ammo barrel.

Additional Information:

Figures: 2 Knights of Novelmore Accessories: 1 crossbow, 1 sword, 1 shield, 1 fanfare, 1 helmet, 1 pilot cap, 1 technical drawing, 1 flag, 4 bullets, 2 stones, 1 telescope
Recommended for ages 5 and up.