Playmobil Wolf Knights Castle Kids Play 6002

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Playmobil Wolf Knights Castle Kids Play 6002

Once built, this set reveals a fiercely-protected fortress filled with everything it needs to fend off the most powerful enemies. The two towers make it easy to keep an eye on the horizon for unwanted visitors, while the pivoting crossbow reigns flaming arrows down on any who dare attack this mighty fortress. Simulate real battle action with the breakaway wall on the side of the castle. But enemies beware! One step in the wrong direction will send you through a secret trapdoor and into the dungeon.

Great for Play Dates

Nothing brings kids together better than embarking on an exciting new adventure. This set is primed and ready for kids to explore the daring world of knights and medieval fortresses! Invite friends over, pick a character, and let the fun begin!

Playing is a Snap

Don’t let complicated construction keep your kids from diving into a great play experience. The Wolf Knights’ Castle comes in large pieces that snap together to form a faraway kingdom complete with towers, knights, and epic battles. Kids will be transported into a thrilling adventure in no time!

What's in the Box?

Includes castle, three armored figures, armored horse, breakaway wall, crossbow with fire arrows, coat of arms, castle flags, dungeon, assorted battle gear, and tons of other accessories.


  • Breach the castle defenses through the break-away wall
  • Combine this set with any other PLAYMOBIL Knights-themed sets to create an entire medieval world
  • Recommended for ages four to ten