PonyCycle Kids Manual Ride on Zebra Small 3-5 Year

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PonyCycle Kids Manual Ride on Zebra Small 3-5 Year

PonyCycle toy is an adorable, child-sized ride on toy pony which relies on child power to move. Your little one will feel like riding a real pony, as a natural riding motion is required to get Pony moving. 


Non-power walking

It is the first simulation animal toy in the world, which allows kids riding around, The most attractive and wonderful character is its the working principle: non-power walking, no need any other power, batteries, etc.

Balance Ability

It can exercise the kid's balancing ability by riding the toy. 

Coordination Ability

It can exercise the kid's coordination ability by riding the toy. 

Activity Play

It can exercise the kid's activity because most kids lack exercise at the present stage.

Simulation Appearance

The appearance of our products similar to the plush toy, there is much design including horse and animal, so friendly and lovely. 

High-grade Material

All the products are made of high-grade fabric and sewing finish, making the toys feel soft and comfortable. 


With the concept of environment-friendly products, our toys are designed to walk by simple riding, with no motor and battery needed. 

Safety Standard

Our toys assure the customer use safety, all the products passed a professional tests, ASTM-963 test in USA and EN-71 test in the EU. 

Full of Imagination

Riding the toys can meet the kid's imagination and desire that kids want to ride like an adult, or act as a role in cartoons. 


Age Grade: 3-5 years old
Max Load: 25 Kgs
Weight and Dimensions:

Height: 730mm
Width: 620mm
Depth: 285mm
Seat Height: 500mm
Span: 500~540mm
Weight: 7.0kgs