Stokke PramPack Travel bag for Stroller

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Stokke PramPack Travel bag for Stroller

The travel bag that fits almost any stroller.

Traveling with your children can be one of life’s richest experiences. The Stokke PramPack was designed so that you can simply enjoy the journey whilst we ensure that your stroller arrives safe and sound. Airline approved, the Stokke PramPack fits almost any stroller. Once you arrive, simply roll the Stokke PramPack up for easy storage. Simple. Bon Voyage!


Protects your stroller when you travel
Wheels and light weight make for easy transport
User friendly and simple to pack
Rolls up for compact storage once you have arrived
Perfect for airplane and vacation use


Patented construction and reinforced materials provide solid protection for your stroller
Developed in close cooperation with airline baggage handlers, the Stokke PramPack is efficient to handle and less likely to experience damage to your stroller inside

User friendly

Fits almost any stroller. Can be used with 99% of all ordinary strollers and 30% of all twin strollers
Intuitive and easy to use
A rolled up Stokke PramPack is easy to store and lightweight to carry, making travelling with children easy


Product Size (cm/in): 90 x 63 x 50 / 35.4 x 24.8 x 19.7
Weight (kg/lbs): 3.9 / 8.6
Design: Anne Morkemo

What's included:

Stokke PramPack

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