Trend Lab Children’s kids Plush Puppy Character Chair

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Trend Lab Children’s Plush Puppy Character Chair

The  Children’s Plush Puppy Character Chair brings delightful whimsy to your little one’s world and to any room of the house. The Puppy Chair is a cuddly companion for reading, relaxing and snuggling thanks to its perfect size, soft brown and tan plush “fur” and contoured support. The head is turned to the side to allow your child to rest easily against the animal for maximum cuddling comfort.
Chair measures 21 in x 19 in x 19 in and is suitable for most children.

Please use parental caution and supervision. Chair is intended for children 12 months and older. For safe use, child must be able to sit unassisted and his/her feet should be able to touch the ground while sitting on the seat of the chair.


    Weight: 6.00 lbs
    Dimensions: 18 × 17 × 13 in
    Color: Brown, Natural
    Gender: Neutral
    Theme: Animals