Trend Lab My 1st Occuplaytion Sam Koala the Scientist - 3 Piece Set

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Trend Lab My 1st Occuplaytion Sam Koala the Scientist

Learn while cuddling with our adorable My 1st Occuplaytion plush pals! Our friendly little characters arrive in a 3-piece set with a witty resume and job-related iconic toys filled with crinkle paper and a rattle. Encourage your child’s career aspirations or just ease their everyday interactions with people they encounter in these occupations. Bright fun colors, satisfying crinkle paper sounds, and a delightful rattle to shake make these sets the perfect mix of Stem early learning with the comfort of a forever snuggly friend.

Sam Koalified (the koala bear) is a super soft hard-working scientist who brings a CU-TE periodic table filled with crinkle paper and a rattle shaped like a test beaker. Sam commutes from 300 Eucalyptus Trail in the Eucalyptus Forest in Australia. Sam is designed to nurture sensory development and hand-eye coordination as a STEM early learning toy and provides comfort and companionship as well as satisfying tactile and sound play.

Sam is methodical, inquisitive, and analytical a leaf-eating specialist who likes to sleep through the day to run experiments during the night. With human-like fingerprints and sharp claws and thumbs to grip tools, Sam encourages babies to learn about science by carrying them along all the time.

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