Trend Lab My 1st Occuplaytion Tristan Owl the Teacher - 3 Piece Set

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Trend Lab My 1st Occuplaytion Tristan Owl the Teacher

Learn while cuddling with our adorable My 1st Occuplaytion plush pals! Our friendly little characters arrive in a 3-piece set with a witty resume and job-related iconic toys filled with crinkle paper and a rattle. Encourage your child’s career aspirations or just ease their everyday interactions with people they encounter in these occupations. Bright fun colors, satisfying crinkle paper sounds, and a delightful rattle to shake make these sets the perfect mix of STEM early learning with the comfort of a forever snuggly friend.

Tristan A. Hoot (the owl) is a super soft hard-working teacher who brings an A+ essay filled with crinkle paper and a rattle shaped like an apple. Tristan commutes from 44 Talon Drive in the Evergreen Forest in North America. Tristan is designed to nurture sensory development and hand-eye coordination as a STEM early learning toy and provides comfort and companionship as well as satisfying tactile and sound plan.

Tristan is observant, organized and supportive with a head that turns almost all the way around. Tristan keeps an eye on students while grading papers, with excellent hearing. Tristan teaches lots of skills including hunting and how to fly.

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